6 Tips To Overcome Emotional Breakdown


Have you encountered the feeling, that your world has gone upside down or a feeling to just run away from your own thoughts?

We may all have come across these types of feelings in one way or the other in our lifetime and especially in this time of pandemic when everyone is just locked up inside, it feels for the mind to be more trapped than the body in the house.

So, to overcome these type of feelings here are some tips that will work in your favor. Just try to follow them to have a sound mind and to relieve mental stress or depression.

1.  Divert your Mind.

An empty mind is full of negative thoughts when you encounter a mental breakdown. Try not to keep your mind empty as this will pull you back towards anxiety and mental stress.

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In order to run away from negative thoughts and feelings one must learn to divert his mind.
To divert your mind you should be involved in various types of work.
These may be Reading a good book, watching an inspiring movie or series or simply take your dog or pet, out for a walk in the park. In this way you will not give yourself the time to think about any of your negative thoughts.

Just remember you don’t have to run away from the world, just run away from your own thoughts, because there are plenty of things in this world for which you can live for.

2. Try Interacting with people.

When you try to open up with people your body releases good hormones that will enhance and make your mood happy. You will also feel, all your burdens getting away.

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One of the most useful ways at the time of an emotional breakdown or depression is to interact with new people.
It creates wonders when you come to know about various people and listen their stories.
You not only comes out of your shell but also feels a sense of satisfaction in knowing about the experience of others.
Just have a walk in the park and try to interact with that old granny sitting on the bench or try to help out people in doing exercises or make a bond over your pets.

You will definitely find people with the same likes and dislikes as yours and who knows you may find your companions, to cherish for the whole life.

3. Visit New Places.

Sometimes one needs to just escape. Go out and give your soul a break and let it learn the art of wandering.

Don’t trap yourself in the house, just let go everything and wander to search inner peace in new places. This will relieve stress and you will feel more lively.

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Search for new places, not only any cafe or lounge but something quite peaceful and close to nature, have a walk in the forests, search for a calm place near a water stream, go rock climbing, have a swim at the rarest of the streams.
Wandering will help in discovering a new self within you.

If you are an adventure junkie, but lately you have been feeling emotionally exhausted, then go, challenge your potentials. Go out of the way and create new adventures that make you rise from the ashes of all your worries. It will result in making you fearless and indestructible!

4. Spend Time with your Family.

As it is said, in the end it’s your family members that stays by your side, no matter what you go through, and how many temporary people you meet in life.

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Sometimes it’s your family that can give you the best of the therapy to have a sound mind.
Go on, talk with your family, have a quality time with them, go through old family albums with them, cherish the childhood memories, have a quality talk about their experiences and share your thoughts with them.

No one can better understand you than your family. Just remember they are not your enemies. But they are the best among the people you can trust and rely on. Bonding with family may seem old fashioned but it is the necessity in this modern era to keep the one’s that really care about you, close in your life and decisions.

So, what are you waiting for, go, have a conversation with your mother!

5.  Eat Healthy.

The solution to many of our problems is through our food. It seems underrated but yes! a healthy stomach can relief so many problems.

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Eat the type of foods that will refresh you, not only physically but also mentally. All those junk foods can only add toxicity to your body. But also there’s nothing bad in having a pizza ! Only if it relaxes your mind. Oh ! who would not get happy with a pizza !

To keep yourself healthy you must eat a bowl full of fruits, eat sprouts, eat dry fruits, take good amount of veggies in diet regularly.
You will have a positive impact of healthy eating on the mind as well as on the body.

And yes ! who can forget  desserts. Don’t resist those sugar candies and apple pies. And all the brownies and cakes,oooh la la ! have all of them.

Have chocolates, especially dark chocolates, they not only act as stress busters but also, are a good source of anti oxidants that’ll protect your body against free radicals, preventing infections.

6. Exercise and Sleep Sufficiently.

Try to engage your energy in exercising. Exercise early in the morning as it will create positive vibes throughout the day, your mind will feel relaxed and you will automatically have a healthy sleeping pattern.

To overcome emotional breakdown it is necessary to keep your body healthy as, only by gaining physical health you will gain mental stability.
Exercise daily for about an hour to feel positive energy in your body. This energy will help you to grow and you will have a feeling of letting go, all your negative thoughts.

Come on, Start gymming, Go for cycling, Put on your favorite songs and start running along the sea shore.

Have a sound sleep of 8-9 hours in order to start the day actively. Remember sleeping at night is more important than in day time, as body tends to do more metabolic work at night.

Do not stay awake all the night as it would lead to insomnia that will make your sleeping pattern to worsen day by day. It is normal to have sleeplessness when you are broke. To overcome this, the best option is reading a book at night, or concentrate at a point for about 15-20 minutes, You will surely fell asleep.

No matter what, Try to have a sound sleep as most of our darkest and broken thoughts tend to fill our mind in the night.

Their is no problem in this world without a solution. So try to figure out your life, practice these tips and make your mind healthy and find inner peace in order to maintain a good mental health.

Remember your worth and stand positive each day, as this world is quite short to live a stressful and depressed life!

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