8 Immunity boosting Foods


Food plays a major role in making your life and body healthy. Here are 8 foods that have amazing properties that helps to overcome and prevent many health issues.

Many a times we encounter common health problems like cold, flu or other illnesses. These may be caused by certain infections, allergies or change in weather. But, No one likes to encounter such conditions, in this rapidly growing world, no one likes to slow down or get bed ridden or, the new trending term get ‘quarantined’. People with the strong immune system may not get affected with any kind of viruses. Do you know how?

Exercising daily, No smoking, less consumption of alcohol, having a sound sleep, and having a healthy digestive system are signs of strong immunity. As said, ‘Healthy eating leads to a Long and Happy Life’. To achieve strong immunity, you only have to change your dietary pattern and involve foods that contain vitamins, minerals, fibers and anti oxidants.

As we all know, how important it is to boost our immunity in this corona virus pandemic. With the increasing cases of this virus worldwide, it is now an essential call to protect and strengthen our immunity.

So here are some foods that can be involved in our diet to boost our immune system. Lets Check them out !


Most of the people prefer Vitamin C in diet after they’ve caught cold. Vitamin C is known to have beneficial in fighting off infections.

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Citrus fruits are the richest source of Vitamin C found in nature. As we all know Vitamin C is essential vitamin that is taken only in diet, as our body does not produce it. So increase the amount of Vitamin C intake by having citrus fruits.

Vitamin C increases the production of white blood cells or leukocytes that fights any foreign harmful antigens attacking our body. Also it is proven that Vitamin C help you recover from any kind of cold quicker Just squeeze this vitamin in any meal and Boom! All infections run away.

Citrus fruits like Grapefruit, Oranges, Tangerine, Lemons, Lime etc. can be eaten on a daily basis.


Who would know that red bell peppers could do anything good to our immunity?But yes, red bell peppers are a good source of vitamin C and beta carotene. Do you know, Red Bell peppers contain almost 3 times as much Vitamin C as a Florida Orange ! One medium-sized red bell pepper contain 152 milligrams of Vitamin C, and that’s just wow!

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Vitamin C which helps in increasing white blood cells that fight off infections besides this, Vitamin C also helps in maintaining healthy skin,it radiates the skin making it more bright and clear.

Beta Carotene is another pigment that is useful in the production of Vitamin A in our body. Vitamin A is quite a strong Vitamin as it protects your eyes from night blindness or age decline, may lower your risk of certain cancers, reduces your risk of acne,supports bone health, promotes healthy growth and reproduction.

Avoid taking too much Vitamin A in the body, as it is a fat soluble vitamin, which is stored in your body and it’s excess consumption may lead to toxicity!


Want to fight off viruses? Just have broccoli in dinner every night. Broccoli will do wonders to your immune system. Broccoli contains Vitamin A,C,E, fibers and antioxidants, that fight off free radicals in the body and prevents the body from infections.The phytochemicals in broccoli are great in arming and strengthening our immune system.

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Broccoli is a good source of lutein, a powerful anti oxidant and sulforaphane, an another potent anti oxidant. It also contains additional nutrients including some amount of magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and iron.

The key to preserve all the ingredients in broccoli, keeping it powerful is to cook it a little, or even eating it raw, is the best.

While vitamins strengthen our immunity, fibers helps in creating a good digestive order while Anti Oxidants prevent damage to our cells against various antigens.Indeed a wonder Broccoli is !


Ooi Gooi Garlic is of great importance for our body. Ancient humans valued garlic as an important infection fighter, that is why so much of our traditional diet includes it in considerable amount. Use it wisely and value this wonder of nature.

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Its sulfur containing property plays the key role in boosting our immunity. Sulfur containing compounds such as Allicin, has the ability to improve your immune cells, it fights off colds and flues and also viruses of all kind. Garlic also contains anti- microbial and anti- viral properties that helps to heal infections. Garlic also slows down hardening of arteries, lowers Blood Pressure and helps to cure pimples.


Ginger is said to be the powerful player when it comes to fighting off illnesses and boosting the immune.

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Ginger decreases inflammation, which can help if you have swollen glands or sore throat or any inflammatory ailment. It also reduces redness, treats nausea and Decreases chronic Pain.

Gingerol, the main bio- active compound of ginger, has been found to alleviate pain and fight nausea, and that’s the reason why ginger is given in upset stomachs Gingerol has powerful anti oxidants that fight off free radicals and prevent us against harmful infections, also gingerol contains strong anti- inflammatory properties.

So, what are you waiting for, have a ginger tea this evening!


Ahh! that creamy yogurt! Do you know it is made by bacterial fermentation of milk. That is quite rich in nutrients. Yogurt is known to contain a lot of calcium, a mineral that is necessary for healthy bones and teeth. Let’s have a look to it’s other benefits!

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Yogurt high in B Vitamins, mainly Vitamin B12 and riboflavin, both of them protects us from heart diseases. Also it contains magnesium and potassium that are essential for several biological processes like regulating blood pressure, metabolism and bone health. Yogurt does not naturally contain Vitamin D but it can be Fortified into it, Vitamin D promotes bone and immune system health and may also reduce the risk of various diseases including depression. Vitamin D also helps in Calcium retention in our body.

Yogurt is high in protein. Protein supports metabolism by increasing our energy and the number of calories we burn everyday, protein also increases the production of hormone that signals fullness.

Yogurt also promotes digestive health it contains probiotics that lessen the uncomfortable symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) that affects the colon.

Yogurt also helps in preventing osteoporosis, Heart diseases and may even prove useful in weight management. So much benefits from one yogurt, Just make a yogurt salad and have a feast to boost your immunity. And don’t forget to add red bell peppers and broccoli to it !


Remember eating Almonds in childhood for increasing our memory in exams? These almonds, apart from boosting the memory have many advantages. Check the health benefits and other advantages it can give to you.

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Make a habit to eat a peeled or an unpeeled almond everyday. Who knows this tiny act of yours’s may prove useful in fighting off harmful foreign bodies !

Vitamin E present in almonds is the key to fight off cold and flu like illnesses and boosting your immune system. It is a fat soluble vitamin, which means it require fat as a medium to be absorbed.  It not only provides good immunity but also Anti Oxidants that help fight off many antigens, preventing damage from free radicals.


A pinch of this yellow fellow Turmeric can help a lot to strengthen our body. As it is the secret of ancient people to have curry everyday and become healthy with each passing day.

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Turmeric contains anti inflammatory properties that helps reduce inflammation, or decrease muscle soreness.It also contains anti oxidants that helps to prevent cell damage, helps in skin irritation and other infections.

The ingredient Curcumin has been found to possess anti inflammatory factors in turmeric. Turmeric bolsters the immune system by stimulating anti body formation and curcumin can prove helpful for people with auto immune disorders to reduce inflammation and stave off soreness.

Just having it daily, adding a pinch of it in milk is beneficial to keep us healthy.

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