DIY Ribbon Tassel Keychain


Get on the new trend and create your own ribbon tassel keychains and charms to accessorize your life! Attach these beautiful keychains to your bags, keys or make them into bookmarks! Plus, they’re great for using up any spare ribbons you’ve got lying around at home. If you like to collect various types of keychains then you’ll definitely like this diy to make tassel keychains. Keychains are essential part of our daily life, use beautifully crafted tassel keychains to enhance your style statement.

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This ribbon tassel keychain is a great scrap buster for anyone who is good at crafts. Use lace, sequins, embroidery thread, gold thread, and various types of ribbons to make these keychains.

This ribbon tassel is pretty easy and interesting to make. Have a look at the procedure.

To make this ribbon tassel keychain you only need a few simple things:

  • a keyring
  • ribbon, lace, sequins, whatever combination you like
  • scissors


1. Cut 12 inches length of ribbon, lace, and sequins.

2. With their ends aligned, create them into a bundle.

3. Wrap a small piece of yarn or any decorative tie up around the center of the bundle and knot it carefully.

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4. Open the ring of the keychain with the help of a scissor and place it at the center of the laces.

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5. Fold this bundle in half. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the bundle, about three fourth inch from the top. Tie a knot. Repeat 2 times. Add a drop of glue to the knot to make it strong.

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Your tassel keychain is ready to be used!

You can also Tie small bells or other tie ups throughout tassel for added interest.
Watch this video for more information.

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