Harmful Effects of Drinking Water while Standing!


It is said to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to stay healthy. But do you know just drinking 8 glasses isn’t enough if you are doing it in a wrong position. Do you sit and drink water, or in a hurry pass it all into your stomach while standing?

If you have always been gulping water while standing then you are doing it wrong your whole life. Expert’s advice for a better and healthy living, is to sit down and have it in small sips than to gulg it down in a rush while standing.

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When the water goes directly through, the required nutrients and vitamins don’t reach the liver and digestive tract. This is because when you stand and drink water, it travels through the system really fast and you risk your lungs and heart functions. The oxygen levels also get disturbed this way.

Checkout some of the harmful effects of drinking water in a standing position that will surely make you sit while drinking water!

1. Standing and drinking water may cause arthritis.

This seems shocking if you are in a habit to stand and drink water, for you may well be affected by arthritis later on in life. It might sound weird, but yes, drinking water by standing may lead to health issues like arthritis and joint damage.

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Studies say, when you drink water while standing, the flow of water is high and along with high-pressure air, it affects the entire system that might lead to problems like arthritis and joint damage. By standing and drinking water you disrupt the balance of fluids in the body that often leads to a greater accumulation of fluids in the joints, triggering arthritis. This practice may also give rise to heart and lung issues.

2. Water splashes on the stomach wall while standing.

You may not notice it, but, you cause your stomach a lot of harm, if you stand and drink water. As by standing and drinking water it flows down with pressure through the esophagus to the lower stomach and damages the nearby areas.

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Health experts say that while having water fast and in the standing position you let it flow to your gut while splashing on the stomach wall. This splashing of water creates a shock and can cause long term damage to the digestive system as it harms the stomach wall and gastrointestinal tract.

3. You remain thirsty when you drink water by standing.

It is a common practice to gulg in all the water while standing. But have you experienced that, when you gulg in all the water, you feel to drink more and more water, which results in splashing all that huge amount of water in your stomach.

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You can never fully quench your thirst by drinking water in a standing position. You feel like drinking more and that cause you to drink fast. Water doesn’t quenches thirst as it doesn’t settle in the liver to distribute nutrients. It just passes through without giving any benefits. So, It is better to sit in a place and have small sips of water to fully quench your thirst.

4. You will always suffer indigestion if you stand and drink water.

If you suffer indigestion frequently, then you should concentrate more on how you drink water. Your Posture plays an important role in water intake. The nerves are in the state of tension when we drink water rapidly in standing position which disrupts the balance of fluids leading to increase in toxins and indigestion in the body.

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When you drink water while sitting your muscles and nervous system are much more relaxed and it triggers the nerves to quickly digest the fluid and with it other food items.

5. Kidneys won’t filter water properly when had it in standing position.

Kidney problems seem very serious to suffer from. So, if you don’t want to suffer from this very painful problem then, make a habit to sit and drink water. When you drink water while standing, the fluid passes through without any filtration to the lower stomach, all due to high pressure.

Drinking water in the standing position alters and doesn’t help the filtration process of water by the kidneys. Often impurities remain in the kidneys and bladder which can lead to kidney stones, urinary tract disorders, urinal infections and even permanent damage to the kidneys.

6. Drinking water by standing doesn’t dilute the acid levels in the body.

It is traditionally said that water must be consumed in slow, small swings while sitting down. This helps to properly dilute the acid levels in the body by getting combined with the necessary proportions of water.

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If you constantly stand and drink water than this may alter the absorption of nutrients. As when the acid levels of the stomach are not properly diluted, it may interfere with the breakdown of food and nutrient absorption. This results in slower emptying of the stomach, leaving you uncomfortably bloated.

7. Drinking water by standing may cause ulcers and heartburn.

Drinking water in a Standing posture can create a lot of disturbances related to heartburn and make you feel a burning sensation. Standing posture leaves a lot of pressure on the oesophagus, which causes damage to the sphincter.

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When we drink water in a standing position it ends up splashing the lower half of the oesophagus very hard. This in return can disturb the sphincter, which is a joint between the stomach and oesophagus, as a result the oesophagus experiences burning sensation because the acid in the stomach flows backwards.

8. Your nerves are tense when you drink water by standing.

Drinking water while standing causes a lot of tension in the body and the muscles. Your nervous system also remains to be in attention mode by turning your body to feel out of sync with nature, making you feel tensed or nervous.

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When you drink water in the standing position, a ‘fight and fight system’ is activated which causes nerve tension in the body. But when you sit down and sip it slowly, a parasympathetic system also referred as the ‘rest and digest system’ comes into action that helps to calm your senses and ease the digestion process.

Drinking water while standing may not seem to be a threat, but it is quite injurious to health, especially for those whose body seem to be sensitive. So Act wisely, Sit and drink water!

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