10 Foods for Flat Abs/ Weight Loss


We adapt various ways to lose our weight and make our stomach flat. But apart from going to a gym or having a restrictive diet you can also consume some foods that may help to shrink your belly fat!

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As you age, fat starts accumulating around your midsection, which is a harmful indication. It may be an indicator of heart diseases, obesity or even diabetes.
To help you reduce your belly fat, we have some best foods for weight loss that can shrink up your gut.

Here are 10 food items which you can include in your diet to acquire flat abs.

1. Sprouted Bread

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When you’re trying to burn your belly fat, you have to choose your bread wisely. Bread can prove to be a fat accumulator or a burner, depending upon the type of bread you choose. If you eat white bread then you’re devoid of all the nutrients, instead opt for bread loaded with sprouted grains.
Sprouted bread contain a unique nutrient profile, they contain Vitamin C, Vitamin B, fibers, folates and some additional amino acids. Both fiber and Vitamin C have been linked to weight loss. So next time stack your sandwiches wisely!

2. Eggs

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Who said eggs can’t keep you slim? We take eggs as a quick and healthy eating option for our breakfast and dinner. Apart from providing muscle building protein, Eggs are surprisingly rich in fat-burning Choline. Just Don’t throw away the yolks, as half of the egg’s protein is found in this yellow part. Also yolk happens to be the top dietary source of the fat-burning Choline.

3. Dark Chocolate

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When in this life, we thought that eating chocolates could burn belly fat! But yes, dark chocolates contain 70-85 percent cocoa which is packed in high fiber content than that of milky variety, and fiber is an important factor in weight loss. Dark chocolates also contain cocoa butter, a natural oil which is found in chocolates, that contains heart healthy Monounsaturated fats, especially fat-burning oleic acid.

4. Peanuts and Peanut Butter

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Apart from making an excellent and delicious spread, topping or dip, peanuts are power packed in a belly-fat reducing effect. Peanuts contain Genistein, a compound that is said to act on the obesity genes of the body and reduce the body’s ability to store fat. Also peanuts are loaded with polyunsaturated fats, which are shown to turn on some of the genes that are linked to reduced fat storage and improved blood sugar metabolism in our body.

5. Garlic

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Garlic is proven to provide various benefits to our body. It is responsible for boosting the energy levels of the body that in turn burns all the calories, resulting in us being fitter. Further, it is known to boost the metabolism, helping you lose weight efficiently. Garlic is also said to be a known apetite suppressant, it helps you keep full for longer time, preventing you from overeating.

6. Wild Salmon

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If you want to acquire perfect flat abs then add omega-3 rich wild salmon to your diet. Consuming salmon frequently can help you lose weight. It regulates the hormone that control apetite and helps you keep full. Also it helps in increasing your metabolism. Moreover wild salmons contain more of the anti-inflammatory omega-3s and less of omega-6s that are responsible for causing excess of inflammation. Adding omega-3 to diet helps you shed extra weight.

7. Blueberries

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Start taking blueberries daily to look extra slim and beautiful! This anti oxidant rich fruit can reduce abdominal fat in addition to triglycerides and total body weight. Studies have suggested that they influence the genes which regulate fat-burning and storage, which in turn helps to reduce abdominal fat and lower the cholesterol.

8. Lemons

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One of the key step to reduce fat is to have more and more water. Lemon water can promote fullness of the stomach, boost the metabolism of your body, helps you keep hydrated and will be beneficial in weight loss. Lemon water is no better than regular water when it comes to losing fat, it is easy to make and a tasty deal to replace the high sugar containing beverages.

9. Tuna

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Tuna being a lean fish (low in fat), is popular among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, for it being an excellent source to increase the overall protein intake while keeping the total calories and fat intake low. The famous tuna cans contain about 13 grams of protein per 2.5 ounce serving, which helps to build muscle and burn fats. They also contain significant amount of omega-3 fats, also the brain boosting DHA. These heart healthy fats in tuna fish have been shown to help you shed weight.

10. Pomegranate

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Don’t let the ‘not-so easy’ peeling of pomegranates to alter the intake of this juicy fruit. Pomegranates are rich in anti oxidants, polyphenols, and conjugated linoleic acid, all of these help you in burning fat and boost your metabolism. Also the pomegranate juice helps in suppressing your apetite which results in less calorie intake.

Have all these foods regularly in your diet and see the results!

To know more on foods that reduce belly fats, watch this video.

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