5 Skin Signs You Should Not Ignore!


Many times we ignore some signs that our skin shows us, we may seem those signs as normal, but they may indicate an important health issue to look upon. Check 5 skin signs that you probably shouldn’t ignore in order to remain healthy and have a sound skin.

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How many times, do you see yourself in the mirror after waking up? But have you ever, carefully noticed what your face, tells about your health? Signs like pimples, chapped lips or skin irritation may seem normal, we may think it’s because of pollution, seasonal irritation or hormonal changes.

But little do we know that these may be caused due to some internal problems that are indicated by the skin.
Here we tell you some skin signs that may seem normal but indicates a lot about your health.

1. Dark Circles

The most common problem we come across in our day to day life are Dark circles under the eyes, they not only make us feel insecure about us, but also makes us look sick and tired.

Dark circles maybe a sign of various types of weaknesses to our body. Generally many people suffer from dark circles due to more sleeping hours, tiredness, staying up late at night, using laptop or computer screens for more time, or an unbalanced schedule.

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Basically dark circles are a sign of ageing. Apart from this, dark circle problem is sometimes genetic.
Dark circles may arise due to strain on eyes, or dry eye condition. Other reasons may include dehydration or exposure to sunlight.

  • Things to do:

Simplest remedy to counter dark circles is to sleep sufficiently. You can use a cold compress to remove the puffiness. Have a diet rich in Vitamin E and green leafy veggies. To remove dark circles see our post DIY Home Remedy for Dark Circles

Sometimes low Hemoglobin may also cause dark circles. Have a diet rich in iron to increase hemoglobin. Include spinach, beetroots, beans, lentils or cashews to diet.

2. Chapped Lips

Cracking of lips, lip irritation or Dry lips. Ahh ! they may get unnoticed sometimes, and we may think them normal. Sometimes it becomes a habit for us to pierce those cracked skin on lips with our teeth. If you have this habit then, Don’t ever do that next time, as it may result in a serious lip problem or you may get sores on the lips too.

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Generally, in winters, we all experience cracked lips, which eases with the application of a lip balm or a cold cream.
But if you normally experience cracking of lips which pains quite often, then it may be the reason for dehydration. Which means the water level in your body is low. Cracked lips may also be caused due to lip eczema.

  • Things to do:

Drink more water than usual to counter dehydration. Try to apply natural lip balms with low chemical content.

Don’t touch your lips with your tongue or teeth. In severe conditions visit a dermatologist.

3. Red Spots on Face

Do you go out in the sun several times? If yes, then you may have experienced redness on your face when you spend a lot of time in sunlight. The redness on the face or we can call it sun burn due to sunlight may disappear after some days. But with passing of time if it does not disappear or gets on appearing several times then it may be a matter of great concern and an indication to a severe disease.

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If you see red spots on your cheeks or on upper part of your nose then it maybe due to lupus, a type of autoimmune disease that causes severe inflammation. Exposure to sunlight triggers these red spots. Apart from these red spots you may have fever, itching or irritation or your fingers may turn pale when exposed to cold.

  • Things to do:

If you detect severe symptoms of lupus, then in no time, consult a dermatologist.
If it isn’t from lupus then avoid exposure to sunlight, or choose a good sunscreen to apply before going into the sun.

To remove redness due to sunlight exposure, or redness due to skin irritation, Blend and apply raw tomato on those areas that appear red or massage aloe vera gel regularly. You will get clear glowing skin and redness will disappear with several uses of the mentioned remedy.

4. Skin Irritation or Itching

Sometimes we may experience continuous irritation or itching, when we come into contact of any particular cosmetic product or a soap or a shampoo and even when we go near a several plant or tree. These may be due to chemicals of the cosmetic products and soaps or due to the aroma or pigment of that plant. These mentioned things can sometimes contain allergens, or you may be allergic to some of components that you haven’t heard of.

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If you experience continuous itching, any where on skin. And it doesn’t stop after scratching which causes redness in the skin and it may be severe enough to disturb your sleep, then Autopic Dermatitis may be the reason behind it. This condition may arise in any age. Generally it is a form of an allergy or hay fever.

  • Things to do:

To decrease the symptoms, do not spend more time in the shower, stay away from dust or detergents or pollen grains.

Try to track, which food item causes this allergy with the help of a doctor. Use mild soaps.

Soak your body properly after the shower, moisturize your skin 2 times a day, lose weight and exercise daily to reduce the itching.

If then also you counter severe itching, then it may be due to liver or kidney problems. In that condition, consult a specialist.

5. Pimples on Face

We all had pimples on our face at one time or other in our life. We got irritated due to them, and had the feeling to remove them immediately, or when they arise repeatedly we had the feeling, Why God why only me? Pimples are caused by various reasons, sometimes apart from teenage, we may have them. Here you get to know the reasons of getting pimples and what you should do about them.

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Growth of pimples on the forehead may be the cause of dandruff. Apart from this, they may arise due to tension or irregular sleeping pattern may cause pimples.

Pimples are also caused due to improper digestion. So next time you have a pimple, don’t panic, just improve your digestion.

Pimples near the chin maybe due to hormonal  imbalance. This may due to delayed menstruation. Pimples on edges of face and ears are due to hormonal imbalance.

Also pimples on parts of neck and back can be caused due to excess sweating and germs.

  • Things to do:

Pimples may be caused by the cosmetic products or chemicals in the hair products you use, change them and see the results.

Pimples on cheeks may be caused due to high sugar intake. Take less processed sugar to counter them.

To remove pimples from natural home remedies see our post 4 Home Remedies to Remove Pimples

Then also if you have symptoms like the above mentioned then consult your physician.

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